Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just last Sunday, I had the opportunity to set foot on the set of Meet the Press w/ Tim Russert in the NBC-4 Studios in Washington DC. For me, this was something that has probably changed my life in more ways than I can possibly imagne. Not one to really watch Sunday morning political shows, sitting down and actually seeing the things that go on in this atmosphere were the impetus for me to watch an episode of Meet the Press one day. My father, a watcher of The McLaughlin Group has often tried to make me watch those kind of shows with him, saying that I needed to know what was going on in my world. Now I really know what he was talking about. If I am going to succeed as a journalist, I need to watch more news and political oriented shows. If I was to choose which show I would watch, I would most probably watch Meet the Press because of the absolute objectivity he offers on the issues. He gives his guest a chance to talk and he gives me a chance to form my own opinion about political issues.

I got to do just that as I heard Sen. Russ Feingold( D-Wis) criticize President Bush about his controversial wire tapping program. For one, I agree with Senator Feingold. While wiretapping is not "a more impeachable offense" than that of Nixon or Clinton, George Bush does need to be held responsible for his actions. The Supreme does need to scrutinize the issue in a matter that makes a solution that all can be satisfied with. Feingold does not support impeachment and I do not either. The nation does not need that and what we need to do is work together and find a way for our troops to get out of Iraq. Timetables offered by General Casey and by Feingold appear the same, so why not use it. Its time to get the troops out and Bush needs to be in a state where he is not impeached so he can clean up his own mess. Let's let the president rectify the situation he has gottn this country in so that we can move on and work to get the real terrorist such as the person holdng the seat of government in Somalia. Trivial things such as wiretapping and the Iraq thing all serve no purpose and instead of giving the president the satisfacton of not having to clean it up by impeaching him is wrong. Instead let hm do it himself and let him see what he did.