Monday, June 04, 2007


Today I graduated along with 89 other classmates. As I move on with my life with a full ride to George Washington University, I cannot help but wonder about many students in the United States who cannot afford an education despite several scholarships awarded and loans taken out. i even think about other potential scholars who do not go to college because of the HUGE financial burden four promising years place on both them and their family. Despite the presentation of different reasons, the concept of an expensive post secondary education seems VERY proposterous to me, especially in the United States of America, the so called richest country and "land of opportunity" for many that come.

College tuition continues to rise and I have yet to see any presidential candidate seriously mention this domestic issue. Many have not realized that by eliminating the problem of cost, they can provide education for more people who cannot afford college, thereby filling the workforce with MORE qualified workers. I'm sure the situation is less complicated than what many seem to make it.

There is a connection between education that cannot be provided and our lack of domestic resources. If the United States is to truly regain its place in the world as a true superpower at a time when other countries creep behind it, than politicians must learn to ensure the growth and development of resources such as our students. Why not put money that is spent on the military into education that can cut tuiton cost VERY low and give our students that there is a chance of a great post secondary education?

This problem really needs to be addressed and as one of the first to address it, I hope to ignite a fire within others that will cause them to talk to their politicians and even presidential candidates so that something can be done. With sufficient attention put towards funding education, no longer will we have to worry about the future of America. I invite anyone who reads this post to let me know your position on this issue, ALL opinions are welcomed.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Comments made by now infamous radio “shock jockey” Don Imus are very deserving of scrutiny from the citizens of the United States of America. After the work of those during the Civil Rights Era, it is the least we as a nation can do. If anything, the last thing that should happen is an institution of new laws that limit free speech any further than they are limited. In times like these, the law is the last thing that can help the nation. The scars of racism and sexism are still on the surface of our country and laws do nothing but complicate a situation that is already complicated.

Cornel West of Princeton University advocates for methods I agree with totally. It is time to re-examine race and democracy matters in the United States. In his newest book, Democracy Matters, West cites the efforts of Greek intellectual Socrates to urge his nation to dig deep within itself in times of self evaluation. The “Socratic commitment to questioning” saves a nation from self destruction because of the fact that there is a commitment made by said nation to make change for greater improvement.

It is not a coincidence that all events in the world are connected. This being said, it does not take anyone with many degrees to see that Imus’ comments and reasoning behind it are similar to President George Bush’s irrational rationale for the war in Iraq. In his defense, Imus is “not a racist” and he has rights protected by the First Amendment to say whatever he pleases. He says so time and time again after his public apologies. George W. Bush offers no real reason for the war in Iraq. Yet, words with no substance come out of his mouth and incite the support of those that do not realize this subliminal trickery. Imus offered no solution nor promised future discretionary measures against future comments in the future. Because he showed no promise of self improvement, MSNBC, the CBS Corporation dropped him immediately. President Bush offers no plans for improving conditions for our soldiers in Iraq thus showing the same kind of selfishness that Imus has shown in previous weeks.

I have the utmost confidence that if Imus were to follow suggestions mentioned before; he would not have lost everything he has worked to create in the forty years of his career. The failure to improve and accept criticism that would help the team has labeled him as part of the problem and not part of the solution. Bush’s failure to listen to a congress mindful of lives and money lost in Iraq is a threat to the well-being of our nation. This smells trouble the likes of a shutdown of all political activity as seen during the Clinton administration and a Republican led congress. Bickering between foes and lost of empathy does nothing to help America grow in a competing world market. It also does nothing to appease other countries that already see the United States of America as a land of hypocrites.

All is not lost though. America is on its way to achieving a truly democratic status that the founding fathers have dreamed of a couple hundred years ago. The only way to that democracy is self improvement. Ignoring the true problems will not make them go away. Gone are the days when the interest of the individual are met before the interests of the entire group. One can only dream of the day when America is a “true democracy”. For that to happen though, we must let go of the old ways that hold us back and invent new ways that pave the way for improvement. Hopefully President Bush will look to the actions of MSNBC and others and make the right decision before EVERYONE in the nation sees him for his true self.


Friday, April 13, 2007

It's Good to Be Back!

I'm back by popular demand! It's hard to believe but I was never really gone. Since my last blog I have been really busy. After several college acceptances, I have finally decided to attend George Washington University on a full ride! This is a great highlight in my young life. Now that I am not as busy, I have decided that this is a major time for more blogs. The world of politics is hot right now and it is my obligation to offer the best criticism a citizen can. Expect a website in the future: . For now enjoy new blogs that will post. Like I said, it's good to be back...

Monday, October 23, 2006

So How 'Bout Those Democrats??!!!

It has been exactly three weeks since we have last communicated. A lot has happened in three weeks that has changed America. The Republicans are in danger of losing a grasp in the legislature and Democrats see victory coming closer everyday. I am not a political analyst but if given the chance, I can rationalize my prediction of the ultimate Democrat victory.

George W. Bush and the war in Iraq – October ’06 marks the month with the most casualties in all the years of the Iraq War. Results are not to the satisfaction of many listening to news in our country. Americans feel as if occupation in Iraq is unproductive and deadly for our soldiers and our country. Hugo Chavez has made himself the number one enemy of George W.Bush. Currently, he is in the process of using his control of 15% of American oil to American’s disadvantage. Iran is tired of the threats coming from the Bush administration and has expressed so in the meeting of all representatives at the United Nations. Recent conflict with Korea leave Americans to wonder if President Bush will resort to stretching troops even further for occupation in North Korea. George W. Bush may have a couple years left in his presidency but his influence will fade with the rise in the number of Democratic seats in congress.

Republicans are not known for self accountability especially since the Mark Foley scandal broke out. Due to intense investigation, Republicans within the confines of congress were found to have hid information about previous actions of Foley from everyone else. Not a long time ago, the administration too was under pressure in the early days of reports about cover ups and other scandalous activity. People cannot even trust them to play fair. Use of Martin Luther King Jr.’s image for negative campaigning created outrage among Democrats and even Republicans themselves. Democrats were trusted for progress for it was during the Democrat hold on Capitol Hill and Bill Clinton’s presidency that times progressed and people felt good. So why not have the same mood with that same group of people? The public realizes this and with those feelings acknowledged, there might be a reunion.

The face of the new Democrats is new as well. That new face is Senator Barack Obama. Many are willing to take a chance with the charismatic yet inexperienced Democrat senator. With no experience as an executive leader, many will try to deny his potential. If he rides this popularity wave while it is at high tide, Obama has a chance to win the presidency. Senator Hillary Clinton is also another potential runner but with less of a chance of success. A part of the Clinton White House, she is old where new is needed and not representative of the new Democrat.

My political was straight forward and easy to dissect. This was simply to make a point of what I see coming in our future. Democrats will take over completely but that is only if candidates take advantage of the Republican’s week area and if Democratic voters actually vote. No one knows what can happen but I have a feeling it is something pretty close to this.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bored? Feeling Creative? Maybe but shoooot It's Just My Work of Art!

Just a lil' story I wrote the other night about what happens when power is abused. Lots of twists and turns in this one right here so sit back relax and read please!

The Federation had only one day to get to our location. The group we had was low on ammunition and most of our soldiers were injured or dead. What a way to start off the battle. Other countries invaded by the Federation warned us of the dangers these guys posed. Advanced weapons, disease, ability to take crops at will were all included in the list of their abilities. Never in a million years would I have wondered that I as the president of Utopia would have to witness when the bad side of the world would come up again.

Ever since President Russ Feingold came into office, he stopped the war in Iraq, paved the way for resolution in Lebanon between the different groups, decreased crime and the spread of drugs throughout America’s inner cities, and even headed the project to find the cure for AIDS. Thanks to him today, the males and the females of the country could experience several hours of sexual pleasure without worrying about transmission of diseases.

Despite the euphoria of the world at the prospect of a peaceful tomorrow, there was still one group not satisfied with the progress of the world. Basically, I’m talking dirty Republicans. Russ Feingold, fearful of the way their votes could hurt Democratic resolutions, signed laws that brought more immigrants into the country. Through his policies, immigrants including the plethora of Mexicans had to vote Democrat and nothing else for at least the next 25 years of their tenure in the United States. How and why would Republicans sign that kind of bill? Well ever since news of George W. Bush and Marion Barry recent coke session surfaced, Republicans no longer had credibility and no longer were leaders in the house. As a matter of fact Trent Lott turned Democrat and had the opportunity to be House Majority Leader again.

All were the plans of Russ Feingold. Once a supporter of taking troops out of Iraq, his motto for his countrymen was “peace at ANY cost”. With the near total obliteration of the Republican Party, Feingold did not mind doing this in the name of peace. In fact he said it was the right thing to do. But was it in fact the right thing to do?

These were the thoughts of this young senior officer staring down the barrel of the gun of this Federation officer.
“Yea boy, I got you now. What you gonna do now? “
Stunned and a little scared, I just laid in the grass in silence. Slowly but surely, the officer kicked me in my ribs and as a I rolled in pain, pulled out a large machete.
“Got this from that MS-13 fella down the road who tried to stab me. Now it’s your turn to experience this. I’m gonna enjoy this. Getting rid of all these...”

And without even completing the sentence, this maggot fell down as I kicked him in his private area. Hearing this guerilla warrior shriek in pain, my superiors as well as the rest of the soldiers quickly ran over to my aid. Benji, the meanest of them all quickly pulled out his AK-47 gun “lit him up”. With five shots to the chest and one shot between his eyes, This John Doe of the Federation was on the floor with blood oozing everywhere.

There was no time for celebration because wherever there was one enemy, the others were sure to be behind. My mission was to guard the president in the nation’s capital and God damn it if I did not do it, then I would rather kill myself. There were more of these republican federation maggots around in the city and we had to find them as soon as possible.

I don’t know how they made it all the way up from the state of Georgia, the Federation capital, in such a hurry but now that was not the worry. With many dead and many more evacuated, bricks from the second tier schools and public housing in the area were taken to be made for structure that would protect areas of the city like the mall and Pennsylvania Ave. The few Democrats left after all the secret Republicans left the National Guard were on guard to protect the president under 24 hour surveillance. Cars left behind in the evacuation were used as barriers between borders so no one could come in or leave, in theory of course.

For the next couple of days, we had to be very observant because right now we were on the defensive. Any suspicious person and object had to be examined so that there would not be a chance of another defeat for us. I wonder if this is how George Washington felt as he had to lead a weary army to fight against the British and a record of constant defeat. Maybe one day our tide turning victory would happen but until then, we had a lot to prove on this battlefield. Plus we had to win so the innocent lives lost in the battle would not be lost in vain. I myself felt weary and not very optimistic about what the future held. At the same time, I had to keep my game face on because no one could see me in a state other than ready to fight.

The same held for President Feingold. Nowadays no one really saw him face to face. An accomplished technician, he made it possible so that he could communicate through televisions in the White House to the command centers throughout the city. Rumors arose among the ranks that there were nights where he would cry endlessly until his eyes were blood shot red. The president did not feel certain about what the future held. If the president was not certain, than how could other loyal Democrats be certain of what was to happen?

Kneeling down on the ground supported by my toes, I cleaned my fully loaded pistols, with my eyes wide open. No more guerillas would get me ever before having to experience the wrath of MY gun, not Benji. Benji kneeling down next to me rarely said anything. Instead he had the look of revenge in his eyes. Our camouflage uniforms were badly in need of a washing and we were hungry, but we did not really care. Out of the whole brigade of soldiers, Benji was the only person I would really trust with my life and I’m sure he felt the same way with me.

By 2 am, sleep tried to overcome me. My fifth night with no sleep took a toll on my body. To stay awake, I drank some crude form of coffee and to suppress my hunger, I smoked plenty cigarettes and drank water. It seemed like a good idea but even by that time, all that tried to take me down. There was no way that was going to be possible. Plus, I had to shoot one of these stupid little Republicans.

I just felt plain sick and the sickness itself was something that right now I did not think I could overcome. Now my stomach violently growled and the sharp pains continued. As I held my stomach with both arms, something far away caught my eye. How surprising yet smart! The enemy as I speak comes in full flock ready to battle from all sectors. Everyone inside does not know this. Not even Benji, who by that time moved inside, knew the ramifications of what was occurring right now.

For what seemed like eternity, I just stood there stunned not knowing what to do. Well, of course I had to warn everyone. Immediately I ran into the fort and awaken all the people.
“The enemy’s on its way….The enemy is on its way! Help guys! Come on the enemy is approaching!!!!!”
Everyone quickly got up and what seemed like magic, all of them started waving their guns at the same time. The lead commander wanted to see where I saw such a thing. Slowly but with confidence, I handed the commander my binoculars. Within seconds of positioning the binoculars on his face, he confirmed what I told everyone earlier. The Federation was coming and they were coming ready to fight.

The lead commander, satisfied with my discovery, invited me into the basement of the fort where the plans for battle were made. Such an honor but now was not the time for something so miniscule. Sitting among the greats was something I wanted to do for a long time.

The roundtable discussion was something similar to what King Arthur and his knights would have. What things to accomplish for the future. Well, this meeting was the future and everything depended on it. So why were the commanders making such stupid decisions concerning the battle. What?! Hold the fort down? Do not shoot too much? Get each person at a time? Surely, there was a better way of doing it. Maybe Feingold’s nervous breakdown has everyone acting funny.

No fears of subordination held me back for as the lead commander gave his bogus plan, I rose up from my chair and yelled “This is a stupid ass plan and I got something better!” Quickly I blushed and held my hand over my mouth before sitting down in shame. Everyone just stared blankly at me. It wasn’t until the commander finally spoke that I felt comfortable again.

“OK private, what do you suggest we do since you have all the answers? Come on up here and make you known!”
Walking past a dozen mad officials made me nervous but in no time I gave my vicious plan.
The Federation finally made it to the Waterfront and decided to stop at Arena Stage to rest for a while. Thinking the city was deserted, the troops wasted no time setting up shop and celebrating. Throngs of young female prisoners crowded and uniquely centered stage as all the soldiers sat down to watch them dance as they hooted and hollered like the savage beasts they are.

Unbeknownst to the stupid soldiers, throngs of our soldiers were in the crevices of the stage just waiting for the right opportunity. When the girls left the stage, all of us including myself came from the shadows with our guns, surprising the soldiers. Stunned by the previous performance, they had no chance to grab their guns and as we climbed up on robes going up to the roof, we shot them repeatedly until none was left.

Meanwhile, the girls taken prisoner were carefully taken out of the building and into protective custody. As we got out the building along with the girls, tanks outside turned their guns towards Arena Stage and blew up the place, one missile at a time. Anyone that was alive in that place was really dead. As a matter of facts screams came from the dark abyss of the rubble from people who slowly died suffering from bullet wounds and intense burns.

As I looked to the sky, I could not help but feel great that it was I who made the plan in that fort basement that morning that crushed the Federation. Of course the Federation is not completely destroyed for there are those that still want to threaten the way of life the Democrats created.

I cock this pistol back and think about Hilary and Chelsea and their looks of sadness as their heads were cut off in front of me in our Harlem home. I, William Jefferson Clinton, will stop at nothing to get rid of the Federation and return the Democrats back to power and turn our Utopia back
What! Oh Snap
*gun shot*
Just killed another one. Take that bastard. Lemme blow the smoke off this gun.

What About the Homeless!

With prepartions for the next mayor of our dear city, Washington DC, coming up in the future, there is speculation of who is going to win this thing. I don't follow local politics as much as I should but if I was to vote, a suitable candidate would be someone who addresses the ongoing homelessness problem in Washington DC.

With talk of scandels, credentials, records, etc etc blah blah blah, many of these candidates for one reason or another have overlooked a problem that has plagued this city for decades. The prevalence of homelessness is so apparent that in my 16 years of life, I am numb to the sight of a poor person asking me for money. Its even worse to think about what specific group of people make up a percentage of the homeless population. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the war veterans. Take it from me. It is not the most comforting thing to have a Vietnam war veteran come up to you after you come from your job asking for money. I cannot do anything about his situation but appeal to the officials of this city to do something about homelessness.

Despite what many t hink about it, homelessness is wayyyyyy more than a matter that a specific homeless person was "lazy" or "good for nothing". You have many mentally unstable,handicap, and even hard workers just down on their luck that have to roam the violent streets of DC every day so that they can get by. Its sad to see that there are that many homeless people in the capital city of possibly the richest and most most revered country in the world. I hear little about programs offered to help homelss people or medical attention made accessible to those who live their life on the streets. The homeless are people too, and I think its time we start realizing just that .

So I dont really care who you vote for because I cant vote yet and we cannot compare votes just yet. Any District of Columbia citizen should take into account what their candidate plans to do about homelessness because by the end of the day they are still helping the people of the district.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Lost Gospel

I am a regular church goer and a devoted Christian. As many have seen from my previous blogs, this does not stop me from questioning many things or looking for possibilities. Thus, I bring to you the Gospel of Judas discovered not too long ago. Apparently, this book shows conversations between Judas and Jesus Christ where Christ instructs this betrayers to actually betray him. How bizarre is that!! This is something that one does not want to think about. From the time it was discovered to the present, there has been much controversy among the relgious world. This book was even called heretic. Since this is a faith based subject, it is only up to the reader to determine whether or not the things within this book are true or not. I'm not going to decide. Instead, I'm going to read more about this and speculate. I am not going to make a decision right and no one really should make a decision about something like this. It's just interesting to think about the possibility of something like this happening. Again, think about the word possibility.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just last Sunday, I had the opportunity to set foot on the set of Meet the Press w/ Tim Russert in the NBC-4 Studios in Washington DC. For me, this was something that has probably changed my life in more ways than I can possibly imagne. Not one to really watch Sunday morning political shows, sitting down and actually seeing the things that go on in this atmosphere were the impetus for me to watch an episode of Meet the Press one day. My father, a watcher of The McLaughlin Group has often tried to make me watch those kind of shows with him, saying that I needed to know what was going on in my world. Now I really know what he was talking about. If I am going to succeed as a journalist, I need to watch more news and political oriented shows. If I was to choose which show I would watch, I would most probably watch Meet the Press because of the absolute objectivity he offers on the issues. He gives his guest a chance to talk and he gives me a chance to form my own opinion about political issues.

I got to do just that as I heard Sen. Russ Feingold( D-Wis) criticize President Bush about his controversial wire tapping program. For one, I agree with Senator Feingold. While wiretapping is not "a more impeachable offense" than that of Nixon or Clinton, George Bush does need to be held responsible for his actions. The Supreme does need to scrutinize the issue in a matter that makes a solution that all can be satisfied with. Feingold does not support impeachment and I do not either. The nation does not need that and what we need to do is work together and find a way for our troops to get out of Iraq. Timetables offered by General Casey and by Feingold appear the same, so why not use it. Its time to get the troops out and Bush needs to be in a state where he is not impeached so he can clean up his own mess. Let's let the president rectify the situation he has gottn this country in so that we can move on and work to get the real terrorist such as the person holdng the seat of government in Somalia. Trivial things such as wiretapping and the Iraq thing all serve no purpose and instead of giving the president the satisfacton of not having to clean it up by impeaching him is wrong. Instead let hm do it himself and let him see what he did.